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When should I plan to come back?

Very often when I finish doing a facial my clients ask me the same famous question: When should I plan to come back? My answer is always the same: If you keep a good hygiene at home, with the right products, hopefully you won't need to come back before 2 months. And you will come back we will have less work and the facial will be less aggressive to your skin. In cosmetic school, a girl in my class said she had planned all appointments with her beautician for the next year to come, every 28 days as her beautician said the skin renewal takes 28 days! My teacher was amazed how some people can use client's innocence Yes going for a facial is important because there are some manipulations you can't do on yourself, or if you do them you can leave a scar, especially if you didn't take care of your skin until now. But my job is to teach you how to take care of your skin, give you the products that will help your skin to be healthy (or healthier). I have much more satisfaction when my clients love their skin EVERY DAY when they look at themselves in the mirror, than when they love their skin AFTER a facial because they see the difference before and after I use natural and healthy products and will always advise you to do so. For more info Ayala 0509576707


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